You don't have to be brave to hire a Veteran, just smart.

Veterans make the best employees. They come with a built in suite of personal attributes and extensive training that make them dependable, adaptable, hard working and loyal.

Don't just take it from us. Take it from Talent Acquisition, Human Resources and CEOs nationwide. Organiziations like Vets in Tech and Work for Warriors are helping Veterans and Employers connect every day. Employers like Auction.com, Palo Alto Networks and Salesforce.com are actively seeking out Veterans for these attributes.

If you're not sure how hiring a Veteran would work in your organization, CALL US and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

  • Military Veterans will be loyal.
    Veterans are grateful for the opportunity to serve and are thankful for work. They appreciate doing a good job. They will work hard for you and will be loyal to you.

  • Military Veterans are flexible.
    They are used to moving, changing jobs, changing bosses and co-workers, learning new skills and adapting to new situations. They will have no problem with institutional change, new responsibilities or special tasks.

  • Military Veterans have an amazing Work Ethic.
    They are used to working and being on call 24x7. They come in early, whether there is work to do or not, and they stay until the work is done. If you have an environment with variable work demands, challenging work or crunch time deadlines, a Veteran would fit in nicely.

  • Military Veterans Are Reliable.
    A veteran will always show up on time. They will also get the job done. They can always be counted on to be where they are supposed to an do what is asked. They work great in customer service roles, where the customer is dependent on them; or as team members where everyone needs everyone else to keep up their work load.

  • Military Veterans are Ethical.
    A veteran does not lie, they do not steal. They do not take shortcuts. They will tell you if there is a problem. They will do right by the customer. You can trust a veteran to work autonomous and report back honest, accurate results.

  • Military Veterans will Self-Sacrifice.
    Veterans put everything else ahead of themselves. They handle being sent overseas on missions, harsh working conditions, being away from family. They will always seek to make sure the job is done, even if they're not taken care of first.

  • Military Veterans prioritize Health & Fitness.
    Veterans are very physically fit. They take care of their health and rarely get sick. They are attentive to personal hygiene. They are used to 'no such thing' as a sick day, and will work accordingly. Wherever you have a role that requires reliable attendance - a veteran is a perfect fit.

  • Military Veterans have Demonstrated Leadership/Management skills.
    Veterans are taught to lead by example. They live what they expect you to do, not a case of "do as I say, not as I do". They are trusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars of assets. They are required to watch out for and manage the safety and welfare of co-workers and subordinates. Even those who don't make officers lead groups of men and women in tasks, often in harsh conditions and armed conflicts. Whether its rising to the level of CEO, or simply leading a project, Veterans are great in leadership positions.

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