We know that finding a job is challenging by itself. Transitioning out of the military, adding in lifestyle changes, relocation and skills translation and it becomes a very daunting task.

Partners are links to partners who have a unique understanding of Veteran needs and have a specific focus. You will find organizations who understand YOU and will work to serve your unique needs.

Articles is a collection of articles we authored to assist you in your transition and job search.

Links are links to articles on 3rd party websites we believe will help you.

Make no mistake, it's always tough to find a job, even more so in this economic climate and job market, but if you apply yourself, and approach your job search wisely, whole heartedly and completely you WILL succeed, and BraveHire‘s revamped Resources section will help you!

This will surely be an ongoing process, so keep an eye out for updates, news items, articles, blogs, links, and anything and everything else we think of that will aid you and empower you and ensure you have what you need to be successful AND get hired. If you don't find what you're looking for, or have any ideas and suggestions for ways we can improve this section of the site, please send us your feedback.