The Next Phase of your Career

Are you Ready? We're here to help!

Whether you're just starting to plan your transition to civilian life, you've been out a few weeks and are trying to figure out what to do, or you're just looking for your next challenge, BraveHire is here to help.

Our team and partners understand the unique challenges faced by former service members making their way in the civilian work force. Whether it's simply figuring out what you want to do, effectively translating your military skills to the civilan workforce, understanding management structure of the corporate world or building your network -- we're focused on tools and resources to help you build a successful post-military career.

WE ARE VETERANS TOO. Our team includes former members of the Army and Marines who successfully transitioned to HR and CEO roles in the civilian world. Our partners have a proven track record of success helping veterans find their career path. We've learned from their paths, experience and mistakes to craft guidance to help you to follow in their footsteps.


Need a winning resume or pointers for job search or interviewing? Work for Warriors will not only review your resume, they'll match you with open positions and prep you for the interview.